Big Boat tours, such as Two Sea Tour, can offer a very different ‘day out on the water’ when compared to Speedboat tours, such as our sister company Simba Sea Trips. Both options have their strengths and we have outlined some considerations when deciding upon which tour format is best for you.

Two Sea Tour’s Big Boat

  • Passenger space and comfort is unprecedented with our tours averaging 12 passengers (max 14) on-board a vessel rated to 30!
  • The size of the boat is 22 meters x 4 meters with 2 decks that will allow you to walk around and take pictures from anywhere, safely, even when the boat is moving.
  • Extremely high staff to passenger ratio – 1 paddleman per canoe – plus boat crew and cooking staff.
  • The boat operates at slow speeds (14kph) and is very stable. This means a very comfortable ride free of bumps even in less-than-perfect weather.
  • A large, stable and slow boat is an excellent option for those groups with young children or seniors (& and much suitable than a typical speedboat).
  • Canoes are stored on the boat, allowing the tour considerable flexibility and allows us to take you into the best caves and canoes at optimal times.
  • Canoeing guaranteed regardless of the sea levels based on 2 tides per day.
  • Minimum of 40 minutes for each canoeing stops.
  • Lunch is freshly prepared and cooked on-board, and is served during travelling time to the next stop.
  • Spacious clean toilets and fresh water showers.
  • Easy and practical swimming ladder to get in and out of the canoes, suitable for any size and age
  • Spacious boat to bring along your stroller to allow your baby to sleep or store your bags for a afternoon flight after the tour
  • No need to be fit for the canoeing sessions, your paddle-man will look after you and paddle you around.
  • Depending on tides, swimming stops will always be away from the crowds and tourist locations.

Speedboat Tour – Simba Sea Trips

  • Typical speedboats are up to 45ft in length and can be rated to 47 passengers. Simba opts for a far more comfortable 14 passenger average (max 18) for a boat rated to 26 passengers. Simba can proudly claim to have the lowest ‘join-in tour’ speed boat passenger group numbers in Thailand.
  • Speedboats typically cruise around 50kph, considerably faster that a Slow Boat, but essential for visiting Phi Phi Islands or a full tour of Phang Nga Bay.
  • If your are looking for a single day snorkeling tour a speedboat is your only option given the distances required to get to the best snorkeling spots on Phi Phi.
  • Speedboats provide the ultimate flexibility in a tour program to deal with inclement weather, tide issues and, most importantly, allows the tour to avoid tourist crowds.
  • Speedboats allow ‘direct to beach’ access ensuring you have quick and easy access to that beautiful quiet beach.
  • Despite the relatively small space of a speedboat there is still plenty of room for onboard snacks and drinks, and, in the case of Simba, clean on-board toilets.