Two Sea Tour is highly ranked on TripAdvisor for good reason – an intense focus on providing the best customer experience, a commitment to Phuket’s smallest group tours and a strict company mantra of ensuring safety is at the core of everything we do.

So how does Two Sea Tour compare with other tours in Phuket?

Questions to ask yourself when considering which Tour Operator is best for you?

  • Is there a clear policy regarding maximum capacity of the boat and suitble sitting space?
  • How many passengers will the tour permit? Our limit is 14 passengers even though our boat is licenced to carry 30.
  • How many boats are departing for any given tour? We only have ONE boat in our fleet meaning you will not compete with multiple company boats at the same site at the same time.
  • What is the minimum number of bookings required for the tour to be confirmed ?  Ours is only 8 people!
  • Does the Operator have clearly defined standards and policies with respect to ‘safe operating’ procedures (inc COVID Safety measures)?
  • Can the Operator provide evidence of current Customer Insurance policies?
  • Is the Tour Operator upfront with respect to additional costs? These might include: Transfers, National Park fees, Insurance, Snorkel Equipment Rental, ‘fines’ for losing equipment whilst swimming.
  • Is the space and comfort of a Slow Boat important to you or would your prefer a faster and more exhilarating ride via speedboat? Compare Two Sea Tour’s Big Boat to Speedboats
  • Are the toilets spacious and clean (& do they even exist)?
  • Is light breakfast served while watching the sunrise ?
  • Do you get at least 40 minutes to 1 hour canoeing at each stop ? (or just 15 minutes)
  • Are you departing early to avoid the crowds ? (or getting to the sites at the same time as a hundred other people)
  • Do you get a complimentary waterproof bag to protect your personal effects?
  • Is recycling, limiting plastic use and operating sensitively & sustainably important to the Operator?
  • Is there a Chief Tour Guide AND a “private” guide/paddle-man assigned per couple ?
  • Will you be sitting a maximum of 2 adults per canoe?
  • Is the group size limited to 7 canoes? (or are you canoeing at the same time as other companies with over 100 canoes).
  • Are the staff members employed by the tour company and are you belongings safe on the boat ? (or are they freelancers that no one can control). All Two Sea Tour staff is directly employed by the company.
  • Does the Operator rely on commissions from shopping ‘stops’ and Jet Ski operators to make up for what seems to be a cheap tour price? We don’t.