Direct booking ONLY – No phone calls or emails handled by travel agents or hotels

In order to offer higher levels of service at the same price we do not pay commission to agents, therefore the only way to book a tour with Two Sea Tour is to use our online booking system.  This is faster and the first option to consider.

After reading and comparing Two Sea Tour with other tours, you are now ready to make a reservation, simply click on the Book Now button or go to our Bookings page.

We would love to have you on board for a great day so please be aware that we limit our tour to 12/14 persons per day, DO NOT wait until the last minute to book your seats, you may be disappointed.

All our bookings are done by email, so if you call to ask for availability we might say YES if we have room for more people, but you will have to be quick and make your booking online ASAP or someone else may take the last seats. First come, first served.

Should you experience any problems with the on line system please send us an email with the necessary information as listed below.

  • The hotel name, address and phone number
  • The name you have used to book your room
  • Room number (after checking in)
  • The date of the tour
  • The number of adults and children (age of children)
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Your nationality (optional)
  • Any special diet requirements

For questions please call or email us