Two Sea Tour Big BoatThe owner and the manager of Two Sea Tour co., Ltd started their operations by renting a big cruising boat to start their own tour to James Bond island. After about 18 months, they were rewarded by a very quick positive reputation for the tour’s serious, clean and safe operation, which continually did the best for their clients. At this point the owners decided to take the leap and bought their own boat.

The main reason we are different than other operators is that we don’t over crowd people on our boat. By experience, and by trying other operator’s tours, we saw how much better it is to sightsee and canoe in smaller groups.

Our boat is bigger than the boats of our competitors and is registered for 55 persons, but to make the trip very comfortable for everyone we choose to take no more than 12 persons per day. This means only 6 canoes are in the water at any one time, you won’t find this approach with other operators or any other tours.

Mam and Philippe like to do everything they can to protect the environment by collecting floating rubbish, recycling, not feeding wild animals and going out with a small group of 12 persons as this has minimal impact on the environment. And it just makes them feel good.

Each canoe has a paddle man. The paddle man is responsible for their equipment and will be assigned to the same customers all day, it’s almost like having a private. Your paddle man will take pictures, tell them about the region they are discovering and make sure they have an excellent fun day out.

We will pick you up early, sometimes as early as 5 am depending on the location of your hotel, so that you can appreciate the beauty of the places we visit without the main tourist crowds. Our boat will leave the pier as soon as everyone gets on board. Unlike other tour companies we do not have an office at the pier and make you wait for late arrivals, we always keep track of all our drivers’ routes to make sure they get to the boat on time. Whatever happens, our boat will leave at 6 am (or before), which is 3 hours earlier than other companies.

The main priority for us is that ALL of customers a great day and are safe! If there is a bad weather warning for example, we will call your hotel, cancel the trip and refund your deposit. You can be assured that you are visiting Phang Nga bay on the safest of boats run to international standards, with an experienced and friendly crew.

We are so sure that the service we are providing is the best they can expect in terms of price and quality, any unhappy customers will be entitled to a full refund.

Our satisfaction guarantee policy is the reason we are ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for tours in Phuket.