Two Sea Tour is fanatical about providing the best possible slow boat canoeing tour experience for our customers. As part of this process it is very important that you are aware of a number of considerations we must make for each tour to ensure it is enjoyable and safe for all customers.
  • Our tours are not self-paddle; rather one of experienced staff will paddle you around at all sites we visit.
  • The tour price includes return transfers ONLY for hotels located on Phuket island. Outside Phuket, extra charge will be applied (we will advise the exact cost prior to booking). Please inform us in advance if you want to be dropped off at a different location post tour (such as the airport). In some cases you might have to pay extra for a “private” car.
  • The tour price includes one waterproof bag per canoe to protect electronic devices, but you can also purchase waterproof bags on-board.
  • When booking only one person, the ONLY option is to book one canoe for a single traveler at a higher rate.
  • Two Sea Tour can depart up to 4 hours before other operators, allowing us to most sites before they get crowded. Sometimes we encounter one or 2 tour boats at these early morning locations but it is never crowded.
  • An early departure means a very early pick-up from your hotel (typically b/w 4:45am and 5:15am). It is critically important that you are ready and waiting for your driver to ensure an on-time departure at the pier. We will advise a pick-up time the day before the tour date. Please call us if your driver has not arrived 5 minutes after pick-up time.
  • James Bond island can be a busy site to visit.  Sometimes we are lucky to be with very few other tourists BUT other times, and this is unpredictable, there are already many people on the island.
  • Tide levels are always a very important consideration for the tour program. Access to the caves will depend on tides and for a few days per month the level can be either too low or too high. If too LOW, we will access to the only cave where we can walk through, the canoes will drop you off on the beach and we will walk through this cave. If too HIGH then NO access to any caves, so we might leave earlier than the normal time (5:30 am) to get in and out before high tide OR simply might not take any bookings on this particular day.
  • Dietary needs can be accommodated (vegetarian, allergies, etc…) but make sure to tell us ahead of the tour date and understand that our cook will do her best to cook dishes according to your requirements.
  • We are running the tour in a predominantly Muslim region and approximately half of our staff are Muslim. Accordingly, we do ask, respectfully, to not bring any pork meat on the boat.
  • Tipping is at your own discretion however the practice is typical, particularly for the paddle man. Our staff get a monthly salary but of course they are always very happy for recognition of excellent service. If giving a tip, we believe that a proper tip should range somewhere around 200 to 500 baht with a minimum of 100 baht (USD $3).
  • Tips can be given directly in the hands of your paddle man, who is assigned to the same customers for the day, as well as the captain, cook or guide. Every paddle-man getting a tip, will share a certain % to the Captain and the Captain will then share whatever he gets with the cook , boat man and guide
  • Tour Cancellations – we may be required to cancel a tour due to poor weather, mechanical issues or is we fail to meet our minimum passenger number of 8. This is a rare occurrence and we will refund in full. Please note the decision to cancel or modify the tour due to weather concerns is a decision that lies with Two Sea Tour management, not the customer.
  • Refunds – we will not refund for a ‘change of mind’ or change in personal circumstances that means you cannot join the tour as scheduled. This includes a failure to be on time for the early morning transfer. We will however make every effort to reschedule you to another date without penalty.
If any of the above information is not clear or if you need further clarification on any point do not hesitate to contact us. It is critically important to us that you have the best day possible with Two Sea Tour so we want ensure any concerns are dealt with prior to the tour.