Panak Island

Shot of the cavesThe tour departs from Ao Por pier, which is situated on the north-east of Phuket island. Around one hour after departure the tour will stop at Panak island, where you’ll have the opportunity to canoe through the caves and visit the internal lagoons.

You’ll be inside the lagoons for approximately 40 minutes, and during this time your tour guides will provide interesting information about the mangrove forests and wildlife of the island, including walking fish, fiddler crabs, and horn bills. Your personal paddler (one to two people per canoe) will enable you to spot interesting things and take pictures of your experience in the lagoon.

Canoe around Panak island cave

Shot in the cavesAll of our canoes come equipped with all the relevant safety features, so you can enjoy your canoeing experience in comfort and safety.

The first stop on your tour of Phang Nga bay will be Panak island.

On arrival at Panak island, our knowledgeable canoeists will guide you into the mouth of the cave, allowing you to explore this awe-inspiring natural monument and the internal lagoon. Here you’ll have the chance to see a completely unique eco system and enjoy the sounds of local wildlife.

Our experienced tour guides have an intimate knowledge of Phang Nga bay, allowing them to guide you to the inlets, collapsed cave systems, and preserved sites throughout your island day tour.

Calm waters and outstanding natural sea caves

Shot looking out of the cavesOne of the most prominent landscape features of Thailand is its caves, which feature areas of spectacular natural rock formations such as stalactites and stalagmites. Considered to be areas of spiritual significance with Buddhist sanctuaries located within them, although not in Phang Nga bay, the caves are renowned features of Thailand’s heritage.

Each kayaking tour cost 5,200 Thai baht per person. For this affordable price you can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience and create life-long happy memories.

To find out more about our sea cave tours or to ask us any questions, please feel free to email us today.