Small Group Tours - Beat the Crowds

Exciting News! Two Sea Tour Trips has partnered with Simba Sea Trips to offer exclusive island excursions for tourists visiting Phuket. We had heard so many disappointing stories of people crammed into old boats like cattle and not given the experience they sought. Both Two Sea Tour and Simba operate on an ethos to deliver small group tours that allow clientele the chance to see the sights the way they were intended to be seen!

Trip Advisor Certificates

Quality Matters

Two Sea Tour's Management

Management Team

Who ‘ll be looking after you

Expert Teams

Our tour guides are highly experienced and among the best you will find on the island. They possess exceptional English, deep knowledge of the area and also provide outstanding service. They are what make Two Sea Tour deliver on their promise to provide exceptional tours of Phuket’s surrounding islands.

Our Boats

Custom-Built Speedboats

The Tour Boats

specifically designed for sightseeing tours

We possess a fleet of modern tour boats. Features include:

* Seat 359 Fibreglass speedboats
* Honda Marine 250HP 4-stroke engines
* Unique club-seating layout
* 12 metres in length
* 9 metres of canopy shaded area
* freshwater shower
* toilet onboard
* licensed to carry 26 passengers (but we set the cap at 18 adults)
* cleaned and maintained daily to exceed all local and international safety standards.

The Tour Boats
Simba X ‘Helicopter’

Simba X ‘Helicopter’

won Boating magazine’s motor boat of the year award in 2009

‘Simba Helicopter’ comes from the luxury boat company Sealine. This model was a worthy recipient of Boating magazine’s motor boat of the year in 2009 and has a sterling reputation. Beautifully designed and decorated with luxury to match, stylish and warm – this boat will impress.