Phuket Weather Guide: Month by Month-1 22 Jun 2022

Phuket Weather Guide: Month by Month

The most common questions that people have when wanting to visit Phuket, Thailand are what is the best month to visit? What will the weather be like the month I want to visit? Phuket is not only extraordinary in its attractions, but also in the weather! They don’t have well-known seasons such as winter, summer, fall/autumn, and spring. The seasons in Phuket are divided into two, the high season which is from December to May, and the low season which is June to November.

January (High Season) 

January is considered by many the best month to travel to Phuket. Rain is extremely rare and most times it never rains in January, also it’s sunny with a cool temperature. 

Being the peak of the high season does have some downsides. Hotel prices are usually higher due to all of the tourists and the island can get crowded. But if you’re looking for the best time to go to the beach this is the month for you. The sea is calm, clear, and blue, and it’s easier to travel to nearby islands. 

Day Temperature  30.2°C
Night Temperature 25.6°C
Sunny Days 15 days
Rainy Days 9 days
Rainfall 30.3mm
Humidity 70%
Water Temperature  28.6°C

February (High Season) 

February weather is very similar to January. The only difference is that the air is a little bit drier and the temperature is slightly higher. 

The beaches in February are generally clean, the sea is clear and blue. Not forgetting that this is high season beaches can get very crowded and busy, but you can still enjoy more relaxing and less crowded beached if you travel north of the island. 

Day Temperature  30.8°C
Night Temperature 27.5°C
Sunny Days 21 days
Rainy Days 3 days
Rainfall 23.9mm
Humidity 69%
Water Temperature  28.8°C

March (High Season) 

The temperature in March is even higher than the previous two months, but the skies and ocean remain spotless and clear. Prices are still high due to peak season, and the city and beaches are probably going to be crowded. Rain may start appearing more often, but still enjoyable. 

Day Temperature  31.7°C
Night Temperature 26.8°C
Sunny Days 23 days
Rainy Days 6 days
Rainfall 73.5mm
Humidity 71%
Water Temperature  29.6°C

April (High Season) 

April is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures reaching some of the highest of the peak season. If you booked a hotel or hostel without air conditioning, be prepared from some of the hottest nights. 

Since April is the hottest month, it’s the month when locals celebrate the famous Songkran festival. Songkran festival is like a big water fight lasting for several days and nights. It’s part of the local tradition, but tourists also like taking part in the event. If you’re not one to get wet, we recommend sitting the Songkran festival out. 

Day Temperature  32.1°C
Night Temperature 28.1°C
Sunny Days 22 days
Rainy Days 10 days
Rainfall 142.9mm
Humidity 75%
Water Temperature  30.2°C

May (High Season) 

May is the last month of the high season, and the weather is still hot, but very drier. The greenery around the island starts turning brown, and most people, especially locals, stay home during the day. You’ll hear a lot of people talking about the weather describing it as humid and hot. 

Day Temperature  32°C
Night Temperature 28.7°C
Sunny Days 12 days
Rainy Days 15 days
Rainfall 259.5mm
Humidity 79%
Water Temperature  30°C

June (Low Season) 

June marks the start of the rainy low season. Raining becomes more frequent but still not every day or all day. You will still have the opportunity to enjoy sunny weather, but unfortunately, the sea starts to become rough or dangerous. People should always respect and listen to the lifeguards and red flags.

Day Temperature  31.5°C
Night Temperature 28.3°C
Sunny Days 8 days
Rainy Days 16 days
Rainfall 213.3mm
Humidity 79%
Water Temperature  29.8°C

July (Low Season) 

The weather in July is similar to June, it’s the beginning of the low season and rainy days are coming. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be raining every day or all day, you can still expect some sunny days! 

Day Temperature  31°C
Night Temperature 28°C
Sunny Days 8 days
Rainy Days 16 days
Rainfall 258.2mm
Humidity 79%
Water Temperature  29.6°C

August (Low Season) 

August again is very similar to the previous months in the low season. Some sunny days are still here, but also the rain is more expected. The positive thing about visiting Phuket in the low season is that the island is more peaceful. There are fewer people, fewer traffic jams and the beaches are all yours. It’s not recommended to swim, since the sea is rough and dangerous. If you pick a hotel with a nice pool and spa, and you will enjoy the month of August. 

Day Temperature  30.9°C
Night Temperature 27.8°C
Sunny Days 10 days
Rainy Days 15 days
Rainfall 286.8mm
Humidity 79%
Water Temperature  29.2°C

September (Low Season) 

September is normally the wettest month of the year in Phuket. The rainy days outnumber the sunny days, but there is usually still a mix of sun and rain. If you’re looking to travel to Phuket for its sun and beaches, try avoiding September because it’s not the month for you. If you’re travelling on a budget and choose to go in September there are still some positives! Such as no traffic on the roads, and all of the tourist attractions are still open. All of the islands are still accessible, except the Similan Islands. 

Day Temperature  30.4°C
Night Temperature 27.5°C
Sunny Days 8 days
Rainy Days 17 days
Rainfall 361.2mm
Humidity 82%
Water Temperature  29.1°C

October (Low Season) 

The weather in October is very similar to September. It’s a mix of sunny and rainy weather, again we wouldn’t recommend traveling to Phuket in October. Nevertheless, if you have no choice and you are traveling in October, there are still some attractions and events you can attend around the island. There will be more rainy days than sunny, and it usually rains in a pattern of 3, 6, or 9 days!

Day Temperature  30.7°C
Night Temperature 27.3°C
Sunny Days 11 days
Rainy Days 18 days
Rainfall 320.1mm
Humidity 82%
Water Temperature  29°C

November (Low Season) 

November is the last month of the low season, and the weather usually starts improving. It’s still a mix of sunny and rainy days, with rain being more dominant. The sea remains rough, and swimming is still not recommended. If you’ve booked a hotel with a pool, then you’re good to go for the month of November. 

You will also get to experience the locals celebrating the beautiful day of Loy Krathong, where they release floating offerings, wishing for good luck in the next year. 

Day Temperature  30.9°C
Night Temperature 27°C
Sunny Days 11 days
Rainy Days 16 days
Rainfall 177.4mm
Humidity 79%
Water Temperature  29.4°C

December (High Season) 

December is considered the last month of the year but the first month of the high season. The weather is usually great if you’re thinking about traveling there in December. The skies are usually blue, with small clouds and a cool but warm temperature. 24°C is considered ‘cold’ for the locals. Prices also start to increase since it is officially the beginning of the high season. 

Day Temperature  30.4°C
Night Temperature 29°C
Sunny Days 14 days
Rainy Days 10 days
Rainfall 72.4mm
Humidity 75%
Water Temperature  29°C

Best Month to Visit Phuket 

Many factors go into play when deciding what month to travel to Phuket, such as budget, activities, etc. We recommend the best month to travel to Phuket in February, the weather is warm, the skies are clear and the beaches are calm. February offers both the opportunity for relaxing and partying depending on the reason for travel. If you prefer to go to the beach and relax, it is the perfect time to book a Phuket boat tour, but, if you prefer more nightlife and partying there are an array of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from! 

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